Rules & Regulations

Basic Rules & Regulations of the Campground

1    Please observe... The Management reserves the right to :

                          a.  Refuse admittance & accommodations to anyone without stating cause or reason;

                          b.  Decline to allow space to be occupied;

                          c.  Refuse to accept further rent.

2    For a more enjoyable stay,  please consider your neighbors and observe all rules & regulations.

3    Register before entering the camping area.  Camping fees must be paid in advance to park entry.

4    Any refund will be given at the discretion of the Management.

5    ALL guests must register at the office prior to entering the park.  NO EXCEPTIONS

6    Park SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH Strictly Enforced... Please watch for children!!

7    All children under the age of 18, MUST be back on their campsite by 11:00 PM unless accompanied 

      by a parent or guardian.


9    Management is not responsible for damage, injury or loss by accident, theft or fire to either the 

      property or person of any guest or visitor.

10  Firearms are not permitted on campground property unless you are a law enforcement official.

11  ALL pets (cats & dogs) must be kept on a leash and quiet at all times.  Dogs must be walked on the 

      dog walk, and pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

12  Parents are responsible for the safety and actions of their children.  Parents of children under the   

      age of 13 must accompany their children to the restrooms.

13  There is to be NO SOLICITATION of any kind on campground property.  Selling of any kind 

      without permission will NOT be tolerated.

14  Please DO NOT LEAVE TRASH on your site.  Place all trash in the dumpster across from the office.

15  DO NOT pass thru any occupied sites.

16  Washing of vehicles & campers is prohibited.

17  Please do not cut or deface any trees or bushes without permission.

18  No entry into the swimming pool without a signed waiver and wristbands.  The pool is for registered campers only-NO VISITORS!

19  Seasonal and temporary campers must obtain permission to set sup any tents on their sites if there

      is a camper of any kind occuping the site.  Campers staying for more than a week must move tents 

      around to avoid killing the grass.  If you are a seasonal camper using at tent,  it must removed when 

      there is no one occuping the site or moved weekly if site is occupied full time.

CHECK OUT TIME IS  12:00 PM            CHECK OUT TIME IS 12:00 PM             CHECK OUT TIME IS 12:00 PM